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Exam preparation

In the month of April the exam countdoiwn starts, and with it the oportunity of reviewing all the grammar points/thems you will get in the exam. You don't have to take a full coure if you don't need it. Just choose the points you didn't undersantd well or you feel more weak with, and take only that lesson. It is a group session where will have an introduction where I will explain a specific grammar structure and afterwards we will do lots of exercises togeteher to ensure you got it. Once it is well set and you understand it you will have to use it in a real ....conversation, writing and talking. These lessons long from one hour and a half to two hours, and the topics are as follow. The exactly callendar will be out in March, so you can book your place. Inscribe to the list if you don't want to miss this oportunity to get the best results in your final exam.

Exacts dates will be out in March. This  specific lessons will start in April.

If you are interested you can incribe yourself in the 'exam preparation list' and get an email with the dates so you can book your place. Click here to inscribe yourself. Es totalmente gratis y sin compromiso de adesión.

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