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For everyone, for you.

Speaking Spanish will enable you to communicate with over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

Take the opportunity to make new and valuable friendships.

I have the training, knowledge and experience to help you along your Spanish-learning journey.

Spanish lessons

Adults (+18)

Whether it is because you would like to communicate with the locals on your next vacation or because you want to improve your career prospectives, learning Spanish is always a plus. During classes I will focus on your needs to help work on and improve where you need the most help, whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation…

spanish lessons

Children (14-18)

Exam Preparation (GCSE/IGCSE, A-LEVEL, IB, DELE, SIELE…) Does your academic programme include Spanish? Then, maybe you could do with a little extra help! Lessons are created to cover the themes and contents of a student's’ academic syllabus.

spanish lessons


I offer my services as a substitute teacher. I can teach the whole class if your Spanish teacher takes an unexpected leave. Lessons are created to cover the themes and contents of a student's academic syllabus. Cultural workshops about different thems such as, UNESCO cities, Natural areas to bring the Hispanic World closer to your school.



Spanish in your workplace. Give your company a competitive edge if you have international clients. "Because life is not only about work" Your staff will have the chance to learn a new language at an unbeatable price!

Language Services

spanish lessons

With private lessons you will have:

  • 100 % focus on your linguistic needs..

  • Greater schedule flexibility.

  • Lessons that can be adapted on the day.

I am registered with the Spanish financial system and I am therefore able to invoice internationally.

Payments are by international bank transfer.

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