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blended courses

These courses are designed for people highly motivated and used to learn on an autonomous way.

Asynchronous lessons

You will have 24/7 free access to the most comprehensive online platform for learning Spanish (from one of the best Spanish teaching-learning publishers in the world).

This includes a complete digital handbook based on your level and thousand of interactive activites (grammar exercices, vocabulary, audios and videos).

And you won't be learning alone. I will be tutoring you!
I will correct your exercices and send personal feedback for each of them, so you can apply it when you continue your autonomous learning.

synchronous lessons

After each chapter you complete (or before, if you want... it's always up to you!), we will have a private one-to-one lesson. We will work on your speaking abilities and clear up any questions you may have.

A fixed amount of one-to-one lessons, depending on how many chapters your level has, plus an extra one at the end of the course to review all the knowledge you acquired, are inclueded in the course.

Once again, everything is up to you, if you feel that you need more one-to-one lessons, you can add as many as you want at a special, reduced price.

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