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Does your academic program include Spanish?

Then, maybe you could do with a little extra help!

Don't let Spanish become an obstacle, give it your all! 

Time to get organised and achieve the best results this year.

But how? It's so easy! What you get:

  • The full programme: we will cover everything that you are learning this year.

  • Practise with exercises from past papers, so you can know exactly what to expect for your next exam.

  • Everything is online, so that you can learn from wherever you wish, for maximum freedom and comfort.

  • A break from lessons during the exam period and accommodating for other subjects that you are studying. 

You can choose a learning option to fit your needs:

If you prefer to fly solo and get the most of each session, then choose my one to one lesson scheme and have total flexibility over your  schedule, or, set up a group with your school mates to share costs and learning content. You could also choose a combo and get the best of both worlds!

​When exams are around the corner and you would like to practice specific topics, you can check out the Exam Preparation Lessons, choose a theme and focus only on what you need most.

ib program

  • AB Initio

  • Spanish B

british curriculum

  • GCSE

  • A-Level

french curriculum

  • Lycée

  • BAC

Lessons & Courses

Best price guaranteed!

Booking straight with the teacher and avoiding intermediates means you pay less for the same service. 

International Invoicing

I am registered with the Spanish financial system and am therefore able to invoice internationally.

Payments are by international bank transfer.

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