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Private lessons & tutoring

For pupils wanting extra help to succeed in their Spanish modules, or if a Spanish teacher at your school needs to take leave of absence, I offer online Spanish courses and lessons to education institutions at an unbeatable price. 


These courses are fully online, giving your students flexibility in schedule and allowing for learning from wherever they can use an internet connection. These lessons can be conducted one-to-one or as a group.

Lessons cover the topics of the pupils' academic syllabus, and are thus effective exam preparation.

ib program

  • AB Initio

  • Spanish B

british curriculum

  • GCSE

  • A-Level

french curriculum

  • Lycée

  • BAC

Lessons & Courses

Cultural Workshops

Online workshops about a variety of aspects of the Hispanic world, Spain and HispanoAmerica countries.

A 90-minute online encounter for pupils to learn new content while interacting in a real conversation.

During our meeting I will present the theme you select from the list below, encouraging pupils to take part in the discussion through interacting with them, and asking questions in a natural conversational style. 

These presentations are very visual, with pictures, maps, audio and video. 

To increase student involvement, I provide participants with class notes and exercises to be completed before, during and after the workshop to strengthen what they have learnt.


Best price guaranteed!

Booking straight with the teacher and avoiding intermediates means you pay less for the same service. 

International Invoicing

I am registered with the Spanish financial system and am therefore able to invoice internationally.

Payments are by international bank transfer.

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